Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - My Friends

This week's Tattoo Tuesday is one that I have been planning on doing for quite some time now, featuring my friends! For some, I already knew the meaning behind their artwork. For others, I learned that you never know just how important their tattoos are to them, especially when outsiders often view them as being so trivial. So, meet my friends and enjoy their tattoos! :)

"Here's the story of my tattoo on my right arm (inside elbow). I've been riding horses since I was 9, and I finally got one of my own in high school. He was a golden chestnut Thoroughbred with flaxen hair (blonde), and he was a retired racehorse. I had him for 7 years, and in the last few years I had retired him to a big field in Vermont, from our home in Rhode Island. He passed away three years ago from intestinal colic complications. I wasn't there to say goodbye, and it always killed me! Race horses are tattooed on their upper lip inside with their Jockey Club registration number, like our social security number. Each race horse birth year is represented by a letter. He was born in 1985 and that is the letter 'O', so their papers say the number as such "8550534" and their lip tattoos would say, "O50534", I got the design from his actual paperwork and used "O50534". It's only been three years, but it feels like yesterday I had my best friend to play with all day every day. I feel more at peace knowing I had this little bit of him with me forever, even though I couldn't be with him in the end."

"My tattoo is 'Do Good' and it is written in Braille. The reason I got this tattoo was for my sorority. Our philanthropy is service for sight and I thought that getting our motto would be a good reminder." 

"These are my roses. Each color has a different meaning. Red is for love, courage, beauty, and respect. Pink means appreciation and grace. Blue stands for impossible. The list goes on and on. I really wanted these roses on my forearm as filler for the angel tattoo on the inside of my arm. I really love the way they turned out and I like looking at them. My second tattoo is the album cover of an Underoath CD I grew up listening to. It is title Young and Aspiring. This tattoo serves as a reminder to always remember where I came from and how much I’ve accomplished to get to where I am at today. To always have great ambitions and work hard toward achieving a goal." 

"Every flower represents an aspect of my life or my personality that holds some value--strength, friendship, fidelity, etc. There are 14 in all."

"This is my favorite tattoo from my collection. It's the beginning of a sleeve for me, and it's a composition of traditional tattoos. The ship is a vessel, a representation of my family, and the struggle and loss we've been through. The sparrow was believed to carry the souls of sailors who died at sea to heaven, and it represents my grandparents who passed away. It its 100% about how much my family means to me."

"The sun and dream catches are for truth, light, and protection. And then "Hakuna Matata" means no worries." 

"When I was four my grandpa died of lung cancer, he smoked until his last breath.. in the last 18 years following that I lost an uncle to liver failure, an aunt to cancer, saw my aunt, uncle, and cousin consistently in and out of rehab struggling with addiction to crystal meth, and almost lost my other uncle and my grandmother to heart attacks.. So from the moment I realized what drugs and alcohol can do to your body, I decided that for the sake of my life I did not want to risk it. It's a personal choice that I am straightedge, I don't look down upon people that do these things, I just look forward to a long life. When I was seventeen, I discovered the Johnny Cupcakes clothing line. John Earle (the ownder) is straightedge, so I decided that getting three cupcakes would be a lot cuter than getting the traditional triple x symbol. A lot of people don't get why I have them, but I know what they mean, and it reminds me of why I keep saying no. I've never been drunk, inhaled smoke, or tried any other type of drug, and at the age of 22, I don't really see a point in starting now."

"There really isn't a story behind it, I've just always loved mushrooms and they're such a beautiful, mysterious part of nature :)"

"My very first tattoo, is in remembrance of my grandma. She would always push for me to reach for my dreams to accomplish everything I’ve ever wanted. My second tattoo, there cherry blossom, is very beautiful and symbolizes the empowerment of women. I really wanted this and thought what's a better reason than this? My last tattoo is my 18th birthday present to myself. This is my most valued tattoo. I got it for my dad after everything he went through with three open heart surgeries last year. He's a Leo, so this perfectly represents how strong and protective he is. The lion is the perfect symbol for him."

"The octopus stands for so much to me. I had gotten it not only for the many meanings behind the animal and symbolism itself, but I had gotten it for my siblings as well. The symbolism - Focus, Magic, Reason, Defense, Mystery, Potential, Knowing, Creativity, Flexibility, Expansion, Complexity, Intelligence, Adaptability, Unpredictability, etc. Like I said, I also got it for my family. Among my siblings, there's 8 of us all together. I didn't want to get eight separate tattoos, and one day while I was watching animal planet, I saw the beautiful and majestic octopus; each tentacle representing my siblings. In my tattoo I asked him to have my octopus to be wrapped up in an anchor. My grandfather was in the navy and he had passed a few years back, so I thought that would be a great dedication to him as well. My chest piece, my giant Claddagh, is not finished yet. But, because my mother's side of the family is Irish, I decided on this symbol: Love the heart, friendship the hands, and loyalty the crown. The birds that look like they're coming out of thd roses I had gotten before the Claddagh. I got them to remind me that I'm a free bird and no one can hold me back from what I want to do with my life or myself. I have stopped living for other people and I started doing things for myself that make me happy."

"The hunting bear symbolizes my all time favorite band, you guessed it - Radiohead! I wanted to get this because I thought it was a great way to start out with my first Radiohead tattoo ever, which I got circa 2009. I know this isn't my last Radiohead tat, but I knew it was the beginning of something permanently beautiful to start the collection. To me, it symbolizes how much I admire Thom Yorke and the entire band, and how they make me feel by the beauty of their powerful voices, lyrics and instruments. Stanley Donwood is their personal artist, him and Thom Yorke collaborate and create the artwork for their albums, t-shirts, videos, books, etc. Many people may view the bear as something hideous (such as some of my family members), but to me, it is beautiful and concrete. Now I can carry Radiohead with my everywhere I go. It's the only thing I'm ever so passionate about that I would permanently want on my body. Everything they do/create is pristine and I am honored to have ink'd their trademark on my body. It's a reminder how I feel when I hear them play. I now cherish it ever so greatly since I've even seen them play live."

If you want to be featured in Friends, Part 2 let me know :)
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  1. This was beautiful. Tattoos are a great way to remember things for yourself. They aren't for anybody else, just you and there is something so beautiful about their specific meanings. :)

    1. Thank you. I completely agree and that is why I support them 100%! :)

    2. I accidentally deleted the comment you left and didn't get a chance to read it! Sorry :/ but thanks for leaving a comment/reading/visiting my blog! :)

    3. Aww it's okay! It just said that I agree with you and support tattoos 100% :)

  2. I found a comment you left on The Dainty Squid's blog a long time ago, and clicked over to your blog because you said you were from Ohio (it was on a post where you asked if she went to the Ledges!)

    I know three of the people featured in this post I know Nolan's former roomate, Jenna and I used to work with Ashley until she got transferred to another store. Incredibly, amazing small world!

    1. Oh my! It is an incredibly small world. I'm so glad you found me! I followed your blog, new friend :)

  3. I'm not terribly active but thanks!! I'm pretty excited, perhaps one day we can gather enough people for an Ohio bloggers meet up somewhere fun!