Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nail Tutorial - Marmalade Mint

There so many bloggers out there who post the most awesome nail tutorials. I always envy the creative skills these ladies possess! My nails are usually painted one solid color at a time (boring, I know), but every once in a while I step out of the box and go crazy. It takes a little bit of time to put one of these tutorials together, but it was fun and I plan on doing more in the future.

You need two solid colors and one glittery polish. I chose Miss Marmalade (Yellow) & Smush Mint (Teal/Turquoise Blue) and a golden glitter. I also did used a clear topcoat at the end for shine.

Step One - Paint your nails one solid coat and let it dry completely.

Step Two - Paint a diagonal line across your nails with the other solid color. Fill in the bottom portion of your diagonal with that same color. You should be painting from the diagonal down to your cuticle. I did this free-handed because once you add the glitter stripe you can't tell if it was a little bit crooked. (Note: If you feel more comfortable using tape to separate the colors, then do so) 

Step Three - After the second color has dried completely, it is time to add the diagonal glitter stripe to separate the two colors. I also free-handed this stripe, but you may want to pour some nail polish onto a paper plate and draw the diagonal stripe with a toothpick. Let the glitter stripe dry.

Step Four - This is optional, but if you want a shiny look just add a top coat. 

I think this look could be worn both dressy and casually. 
It just depends on the colors you choose!
Have a lovely Wednesday.
<3 oohv


  1. super cute manicure!! love that mint color and the glitter polish

    1. Thank you! I am obsessed with glitter polish