Sunday, July 29, 2012

Instagram = Instalove

I'm sure many of you would agree that Instagram is one of the greatest apps for both the iPhone and Android system. I have been using the application since it was first created and as more and more people jump on the bandwagon, there are better updates and features added to the program (which I just love!) Being a photographer, Instagram is an awesome way for me to capture moments when I just don't feel like lugging around my big camera and all of my equipment. Although it does not replace my love for traditional photography, I really really enjoy this app!

Something else that is awesome about Instagram is that you can actual link up your photos to another app, which allows for prints and other fun options. I know there are many out there, but my personal favorite complementing application is called PostalPix. It is really simple, affordable, and most of the time efficient, too. It doesn't take long for the prints to be shipped to you, and they are great quality. I have ordered from PostalPix many times and have never had a bad experience. They allow you to choose from print sizes such as 4x4's, 5x5's, 8x8's and even have them printed on aluminum squares! My favorite size is the 5x5 square.

With that, I'm going to do an Instagram Photo Dump of what's been going on lately! Enjoy :)

 1. Fresh Local Veggies / 2. Bike Riding / 3. First Record Player / 4. Rivers and Roads / 5. Cute Boy / 6. Cucumber & Tomato Salad / 7. Lovely Ladies / 8. Many Glorious Miles Later / 9. Addicted to Teavana / 10. Homemade Vegan Black Bean Burger / 11. Blonde Me / 12. My Twin / 13. Climbing / 14. Miss Madison / 15. Photobooth

If you don't have this app, try it out! It's free and it's fun.
<3 oohv

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  1. That black bean burger looks so incredibly good. What a cool record player. Love the photos!