Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey everyone! I know it's been quite a while, but I have been such a busy bee these past couple of months. A majority of my time has been spent making sure this my final year of college. I have been maxing out on classes each semester and am currently enrolled in summer school. My goal is to graduate in Spring 2013. Fingers crossed! On the other hand, I also work part time and am pursuing my photography business on the side. Needless to say, free time is limited. But I am happy. I am busy. And I am doing what I have always wanted to do.

Mainly, I want to focus this blog post on my photography. I feel that I am at that point in my life where I want to make a career of this hobby. I have invested so much of my time, money, and passion into making this dream a reality. I have finally started to notice my work reaching others and that makes me happier than anyone knows. Over the past couple of months, my clientele base has been expanding. I have booked two weddings for the fall and taken two sets of senior pictures. These opportunities have been turning points in my potential career and both are major accomplishments to me. That is why, I wanted to ask for your support. Until I get my website up and running, I would like to ask for any followers out there to take a look at my photography page on Facebook and like it to help get my name out there.

Here are some photos I've recently taken!
My sister's prom and Jimmie & Andrea's senior pictures :)

Thank you for your support,
<3 oohv

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