Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - Pet Peeves

 *Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone with this post. It is just my honest opinion!

This week I decided to take a different approach. Instead of posting my favorites of the week, I am going to talk about my pet peeves when it comes to tattoos. We all know there are people out there who get tattoos just so they have one, people who impulsively decide on a tattoo and people who don't take the time to find a credible tattoo shop. Therefore, these types of people may end up with down right bad tattoos. So here, in my opinion, are some types of tattoos that just bother me and give this type of artwork a bad name altogether.

Your Lover's Name
 First, and foremost, I am really bothered by people who get their significant other's name tattooed on them. No matter how many times you swear you will be together forever, there's still a chance that you might not be. And unless you have been together for quite some time, I think it is ridiculous to even consider getting a tattoo like this. To avoid this mistake, I think it would be better to maybe get something that reminds you of your lover, but definitely not their name. Try explaining that one to your next soul mate.

 Why someone would ever get the word "fuck" tattooed on them is beyond me. This can also be said about other swear words and symbols of profanity (i.e., a hand with a middle finger in the air). I understand that people go through rebellious stages and whatnot, but sometimes it wouldn't hurt to think about how that tattoo might offend others.

Tribal Tattoos
I know a lot of people fall under this category, but in my opinion, tribal tattoos are very unoriginal. I know there is a history behind them and how they have roots from within different tribes, but chances are the people getting these types of tattoos do not belong to a tribe. I feel that there really is no meaning behind them because they have been so modernized by society.  I also don't understand why someone would want a solid black design on their body. Why waste space on your skin with some black chunky lines when you can use that space for some REAL artwork?!

Spelling Victim
I'll be the first to admit that I am horrible at spelling, but I double and triple checked the spelling of my tattoos before I got them. Unfortunately, this is a very common mistake in the tattoo industry. Just give your tattoo outline another look before getting under the needle. I promise, it will be the best decision you could make.

Coloring Book Look-Alike
 If your tattoo looks like it has just been traced on your body from a little kid's coloring book, then you have just met the criteria for one of my pet peeves. Unless, of course, you enjoy simple outlines with bold colors and no intricate shading or detail. Something about the combination of a cartoon and flat color does not visually appeal to me.

Invisible Tattoos
 UV tattoos, or "invisible" tattoos, are special tattoos that are created with special ink that is visible under ultraviolet/black lights. If you don't want your tattoo to be visible, why are you getting one?!

The Paragraph
 If it takes me longer than 5 seconds to read your tattoo, then it contains too many words. Don't get me wrong, I love script tattoos. But once they exceed a certain amount of characters, you've gone too far. Just because your favorite song means SO much to you, that does not mean you need to get all of the lyrics tattooed on yourself. If you can't get to the point in a few words, then maybe you should reconsider what you want it to say. 

Inappropriate Use of Body Parts 
 You have all seen or heard of these tattoos that I'm about to discuss. I like to describe this look as "bad taste meets unusual shapes of the body." I don't really have much to say about these tattoos expect for "gross."

Crooked Lines
 You may brag about the fact that you just got your tattoo for a really cheap price, but if its lines are crooked...what do you have to brag about now? There is nothing more unappealing than a tattoo that looks like it was done by a drunken fool. In the long run, paying a little extra for expertise probably wouldn't hurt.

Again, I hope I didn't offend anyone out there! I was just getting bored with doing the same type of thing week after week. Feedback please! And leave any of your own tattoo pet peeves if you'd like.

<3 oohv

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Want to Move to Pittsburgh

Yesterday was a perfect day in the lovely city. While other people were on a beach somewhere for Spring Break, I was downtown enjoying everything the city has to offer. I am beginning to love the drive from Youngstown to Pittsburgh because I know there are bigger and better things waiting for me right across the state line. When I think about what I want to do after college, I think about a career, life and future in Pittsburgh. I think about other places too and I want to do some traveling before I really make a decision, but I really do love that city. I love any city, really. When I visited Chicago back in November, I fell in love. But not the way that I love, and always have loved, Pittsburgh. Only time will tell where I end up. And until then, I want to tell you about yesterday! :)

The reason for this visit was to join Mikey and his family for a brunch buffet at the Rivers Casino to celebrate his parents' birthdays. It was beautiful inside! I've never been to a place quite like it. Good food, great company and the best dessert selection ever. I was stuffed by the time we left, as I'm sure everyone else was. Afterwards, Mikey's parents dropped us off at Southside Works and we spent the rest of the day there. I felt like we were in high school again, getting dropped off like that, but it was cute. We explored the shops, but spent most of our time outside because there was no reason to be inside on such a warm and sunny day. When the sun started to set, Mikey and I walked downtown. We didn't think it was that far from where we were, but it turns out we walked at least 4 miles! On our journey we saw Marc-Andre Fleury, got drinks from a cute little coffee shop and ended the evening by taking the incline to the top of Mount Washington. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

 where I want to be

 dessert heaven

 I have the greatest guy <3

 got a pair of climbing shoes!! 

YUM x a million

sittin' & sippin'

cherry blossom street art

love and the city

double yummmmm

<3 oohv

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - Floral

With spring just around the corner, I thought that floral tattoos would be a perfect theme. Whether they stand alone or are incorporated into other aspects of a tattoo, they will always remain a classic tattoo choice. My personal favorite type of flower is the Chinese/Japanese Cherry Blossom. Here are some others that caught my eye...

 <3 oohv

Monday, March 5, 2012

Into the Wild

Lately, I've noticed a change in my lifestyle - a shift away from my girly glamor and back to the basics. I once cared so much about my appearance. I often went on shopping sprees, made sure I "dressed up" every day (even for school), would never be caught without makeup, spent hours catching up on the latest trends, etc. I guess that's what being a Fashion Merchandising major will do to you. Don't get me wrong, I still love what I am studying. I still love fashion, clothing, makeup, accessories, all of it. But, I've learned to tone it down a bit because there is so much more to life than keeping up my appearance. Yes, I can still be fashionable when needed, but I have taken the time to discover a few new passions I never thought I had.

First, I have fallen in love with nature. My boyfriend definitely has played a big role in this change. He helped me awake this side of myself that I never knew existed by taking me on mini hiking trips and journeying through the wilderness. Second, I have found a love for physical activity. I joined a local gym and have created a goal to run a 5k with my cousin this summer. We have only been working out for a little over a month, but I can see the changes and I am happy with how that makes me feel. Third, I enjoy the days that I wear no makeup. It feels absolutely great. In a way, I feel more confident without it.

My latest obsession happened this past weekend when my boyfriend opened my eyes to the rock climbing/bouldering world. Mikey and his friends make it look easy, but when I tried to climb for my first time I can reassure you that it was very difficult. I now appreciate just how much effort and physical strength it takes to climb. Today was my second day on the rock wall and I felt that I slightly improved, but I know that I have a long way to go. My hands hurt like hell and my arms/back are sore, but I can't wait to climb again. Just something about it is calming, satisfying, exhilarating.

Even though it was freezing, Mikey, Dan and I ventured to a retaining wall to climb on Saturday. Because I don't have my own pair of climbing shoes, I was the camera lady. I was completely fine with that because it gave me a chance to take some photos! :)

<3 oohv