Friday, January 6, 2012

Wreck This Journal

 Look what I bought myself the other day!

I can't think of a better book for anyone out there who has ever had trouble starting/keeping a journal, diary, sketchbook. The goal in mind is to purposefully "wreck" this little book by forcing yourself to destroy its perfectly mint-condition, blank pages. Completing tasks such as pouring, spilling, dripping, flinging coffee on the page, to cleaning a mess you've made with one of the blank pages, will allow your creative side to run wild. For those of you who are afraid to start a journal because you're afraid you won't write something "good" - no worries. "Good" does not exist in this book. The purpose, to fill it up, will help you shift your perception of a blank page. Instead of being intimated, you will WANT to use the pages for your own experimentation.

I feel that the entire process will turn out to be so empowering. It's the perfect push in the right direction of freeing your mind and creating something personal and true. I can't wait to get started!

Has anyone out there completed this journey?
If so, share! I'd like to hear about it.
<3 oohv

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  1. Oh I love that! I may have to get one myself! =) Thanks for sharing!