Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday - Wrist Tattoos

Tattoo Tuesday is back everybody! Sorry it went missing for a while. Life happened :) Anyway - today's theme is a wrist tattoo. The wrist is one of my favorite spots to place a tattoo and I would definitely consider it for a future idea.

<3 oohv


  1. If I was ever to get a tattoo it would definitely be on my wrist. Love these!

  2. Btw are you still interested in being pen pals?

    Email me if you are! kad914@yahoo.com

  3. Reading your tattoo tuesday posts makes me itch so badly to ink up my skin. one day :)

  4. you found some really gorgeous wrist tattoos! i, myself, thought i would never get one in a million years. however, lately i find myself falling more & more in love with them {probably because of my current pinterest obsession! }

    thank you for all of these :)

    -tiana of l'ethetique

  5. Bracelet tattoo also looks beautiful on wrist, this kind of tattoos are very much attractive compare to others. It will work as stylish body jewelry for wrist part.
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