Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday - Henna Tattoos

So I was thinking and thinking and thinking. All day. I wanted to do something really unique for this week's Tattoo Tuesday post. But, I couldn't decide what that something should be. And then when I finally thought outside of the box a little bit, I chose Henna Tattoos as a theme.

For those who don't already know, Henna Tattoos are non-permanent. They are created by using a Henna paste product to paint a design on the top layer of skin. Traditional henna is drawn in delicate designs on the hands and feet. Nowadays, you can find any type of design on any part of the body. After the paste is applied to the skin, it must sit for several hours to stain. The dyes in this paste actually bind with keratin in skin, fingernails and hair to dye the skin. Unlike modern tattoos, Henna tattoos are not portrayed in a full range of color, but rather in different shades of reds, browns and blacks. They fade with time but usually last on average for 2-4 weeks.

I've never had a Henna Tattoo before. They are so beautiful, though, that I am considering maybe getting a small one on my hand this summer.

Have you ever had a Henna Tattoo?
Feel free to share your experience with me :)
<3 oohv


  1. I love the look of henna tattoos. It's so incredibly beautiful

  2. I would definitely agree to a henna tattoo, they are gorgeously intricate and I haven't met anyone who regrets having one, especially as they aren't permanent <3

  3. I can agree with the both of you :) The are an art form all of their own.

  4. I've never had one but I think they're so beautiful. It really takes a steady head and creativity.


  5. I LOVE the tattoo up the back of the leg! Don't think I'd have the balls to get anything that extreme done, even if it was semi-permanent... A small design on the hand sounds like a good idea though :)

  6. Henna tattoos are traditionally Arabic and also Indian-and I'm from India ^_^.I've had them loads of times.The henna is a paste that comes in a cone and the colour often varies on the heat generated by your body-but it always helps to rub a little eucalyptus oil or vicks and heat your palms on the stove.
    Henna tattoos are very common in Indian weddings and they look BEAUTIFUL!
    Lovely pictures :)

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