Friday, December 23, 2011

Flashback Friday

I know it's not technically Friday anymore :) sorry! I've started watching the show Dexter from season one and it's been distracting me from posting this in time. Anyway. On Instagram, I've seen a lot of people posting pictures known as "Flashback Friday." With this trend, people get to share old photos of themselves from whatever stages in their lives they feel like sharing. I think it's a really neat concept and I invite you to witness the high school version of me!

Trips to local thrift stores

 My friend Amy from this political program "Buckeye Girls State"

 Planned Picnics

Road Trips

 The light was on at Krispy Kreme!

Amanda and I and our polos :)


When band T-shirts were cool...


Lunch Crew

Mirror Picture!!

You had to be there to understand the greatness of this photo

We often times thought and still think we are gangsters ;)
This is also when I wore green contacts all the time haha

My dad and his two favorites!

Obviously, we are very important

My 17th birthday :D woooohooo!
  Daddy's girl

Hahahaha yes! Little kids at heart

 Slip & Slide

This looks easier than it seems!

And old Myspace picture - hahah

<3 oohv

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