Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a Weekend! (in photos)

I love weekends like this. Always on the go, constantly surrounded by others, repeatedly having fun. I live for days like this. Anyway, I'm sorta kinda busy getting some things together for this upcoming week, so I apologize for the brief post. But here is my weekend in photos!

 The sky Thursday morning was INCREDIBLE! 
I know you're thinking Thursday? That's not really the weekend. 
But it is for me. Luckily I do not have Friday classes.

Leaves. Boots. What could be better?

New business cards

Thirsty Thursday with my good friend Bobby and others

Snapped some photos outside

Date night with my boy! <3

We had the same fortune at PF Chang's! 

Relaxing Sunday night.. getting ready for a bake sale

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