Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday - Plain and Simple

Happy November everybody! Can you believe it? I swear just yesterday it was the beginning of October. With the exception of Thanksgiving, I really dread the month of November. We set our clocks back an hour, it's dark when I wake up, the sun sets earlier every day, snow begins to sweep the streets. Gah, I'm not looking forward to the transition. Don't get me wrong, I love a White Christmas as much as any other person. But the bipolar weather in Northeastern Ohio is not pleasing. Especially when one day it's nearing 60 degrees and the next day calls for snow.

Anyway - enough ranting! Today I decided to gather a group of small-sized and modest tattoos. Getting a flashy tattoo is not always an easy commitment to make, especially for those first-timers out there. That is exactly why I chose a simple peace sign as my first. And that is also why I knew I was making the right decision when I finally did get my large piece on my back/side. (To see my tattoos click here!)

There were a lot of options to choose from, but my favorites are as follows...

Woo, I just made posting this blog on Tuesday by twenty minutes! Go meeee :)
<3 oohv


  1. Shoulder birds always looks so cute and neat. The air balloon is lovely!
    Small tattoos are just as nice and can make just as much of a statement as bigger ones. I have four smaller tattoos and two bigger ones and always get compliments on the smaller ones!


  2. Man some of these are AMAZING. I think my favorite is the "35MM" one, such a weird spot, but it simple and cute! :)

  3. These are great! I love the quotation marks:)

  4. Oh how I ache for a tattoo of my own one day! I love that "Free Yourself" on the heels. This is all so wonderfully inspiring!


  5. thank you :) stay posted for my Tattoo Tuesdays!!