Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday - Girl Power

Ladies, these tattoos are for you! What could be better than permanently adding something to your body that helps showcase your individual beauty? There is nothing wrong with embracing the girly side that lives in each of us. Making it known that although you are a strong and powerful woman, you also have a soft, delicate demeanor. I put together a small collection of artwork I find to be inspiring and unique to the female physique. Tattoos that are not only of "girlish" items, but ones that portray beauty from the challenges, accomplishments and experiences we encounter. 

I love the intricate details of this tattoo; the overall delicate feeling

What lady would deny her love of makeup, cupcakes and heart-shaped things?

 "Count every beautiful thing"
This tattoo hits home for me, because often times I catch myself realizing the beauty of a moment after it's too late. Something we need to remember, something I NEED to remember, is to include myself as one of the beautiful things.

Classic cartoon, lady-like items! This one is fun and colorful. I love the girly elements of this tattoo -  bobby pins, lipstick, flowers, perfume

CHERRY BLOSSOMS! I definitely approve!

 I don't know why, but these words are so powerful. The meaning must come from a beautiful story.

 I wish I was brave enough to get a sleeve! The colors are so pretty and dainty.

 I like the way the pink ribbons ends hang down in an elegant manner

 This one makes me think of Christina Aguilera's song "Fighter" which is a total kick ass song about being able to make it on your own :)

<3 oohv


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