Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday - Celebrity Edition

When I was younger, I always thought celebrities were the absolute coolest people alive. Their flawless complexions, perfectly straight teeth, the way they dressed - these were all reasons I viewed them as superior human beings. I can even remember thinking to myself, "I want to be a celebrity when I grow up." Everyone has a certain celebrity or celebrities they look up to and trust me, I had many. It's funny, though, as you mature you learn that these people have a little bit of "normal" in them after all. Yes, they are talented and glamorous and seemingly immaculate but they aren't so different from us. One way I stumbled upon this realization was noticing tattoos as a popular accessory on the red carpet. So, today, I have gathered pictures of some bad-ass celebrities who aren't afraid to show off their ink.

Ashlee Simpson

Johnny Depp

Evan Rachel Wood

Justin Vernon

Kat Von D

Chris Carrabba

Lady GaGa

John Mayer



Angelina Jolie

<3 oohv


  1. I have the biggest crush on Ashlee Simpson, I spent most of my class time last year looking her up and drooling over her photos rather than doing design work! I was so smitten with her last year that whilst I was thinking of my next tattoo, I was going to get a rose in a similar position to hers. Then I snapped out of my crush and got a babushaka doll on the inside of my arm, but with a rose on her belly.


  2. I used to be OBSESSED with Ashlee Simpson. And also Avril Lavigne haha and her rose tattoo is gorgeous. I would love one like hers. You should make a post with your tattoos. I can only sorta kinda see them in your photos from your blog! :)