Sunday, October 9, 2011

Room Renovations

Recently, I have been working hard to add some final touches to my bedroom. Right before the start of the semester I painted the walls, moved around furniture and did some cleaning. One of the biggest challenges was actually going through every drawer in my desk/dresser and deciding what I did and did not need. Sometimes, I have an issue getting rid of "stuff." But after weeks of tediously sorting, picking and choosing, I was able to minimize all the clutter and transform my room into a place where I enjoy spending my time.

You are about to witness my room at its best! Feel privileged and enjoy..

One promises I made to myself was hanging the records back up after the paint dried. For as long as I can remember, those records have been a part of my room. Maybe even a trademark of my room. Although one of my main goals was to have a more mature-looking room, I really wanted to keep the records to represent the angsty teen living inside of me. 
Cleaning out my closet was the most time consuming aspect of this entire process. I was so fed up with organizing it one day and it being completely wrecked by the end of the week. I tried arranging my clothes by color, style and popularity. My shoes went from being stored in a hanging organizer, to being thrown in a huge pile on the ground, to finally fitting on the shoe rack. It took a while to realize which combination worked best, but I think I finally figured it out. I guess I'll know by the end of the week!

 I wouldn't trade my Queen-sized bed for anything. I know my room is not very big to begin with and having a big bed makes it seem even smaller, but I love it. It's cozy and I can sprawl out in it. Perfect.

I LOVE this wire photo hanger. I have been looking for something to display my Polaroids on for a long time! Just this weekend I was at Target looking for something completely random and I found this.

Ahh, the place where all the magic happens: my desk. For the longest time, that wall to my right when I was sitting really bothered me. It was empty, so plain. And I couldn't figure out what to put there. When I saw this, I just knew it would work out great. It makes me feel like being creative.

YAY! My sewing machine! I think it looks cute sitting there. The plastic, three-drawer storage unit also fits perfectly next to my desk. I feel like this is just the beginning of my crafty collection of things :)

 This dang shelf took such a long time to hang! My dad and I couldn't figure it out. Every time we went to put it where the screws were, it didn't match up right. Finally, after about 45 minutes we figured it out. This is probably one of my favorite & most useful additions. My scarf collection is getting pretty big!

And now I am exhausted. It's been a long and eventful weekend. I can definitely say I'm going to bed feeling happy and accomplished. Goodnight, bloggers! :)

<3 oohv


  1. You're room is awesome. I love the color and all the personal touches. :)

  2. It looks great! I love the records on the wall.

  3. Thanks ladies :) it took a while for me to figure out exactly what I wanted but I'm happy with the outcome

  4. I had records on the wall in my old room at my parents house too! But after a trip home this weekend they've been replaced by the more mature guest room decor since I moved sad. Your room is super cute!

  5. Thank you! I don't know why, I just love the feel they give my room. I think it's a cute touch. But, I have a feeling once I move out they will be replaced, too.