Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Adventures

October is my favorite month of the fall season. Changing leaves, carving pumpkins, drinking apple cider, wearing leather jackets, trick-or-treating! All the fun things about fall happen during this month. Every year I anticipate October. I make all these plans and to-do lists but don't always get around to accomplishing everything. One of my biggest regrets from year to year is not taking enough fall themed photos. That is why this past week/weekend I MADE time to take some pictures. So today I am sharing with you some of my favorites from a roll of film I just got developed. The first couple of pictures are from summertime, though. I didn't realize they were on the roll.

Of course seeing that I've actually starting taking pictures, I know I've already motivated myself to take more. So stay tuned because I have another roll of film that's in progress!

<3 oohv


  1. Hi !

    You are very pretty and I really like your photos I really can feel the fall by looking at them(:

    Have a lovely day(:

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. You take some of the prettiest pictures and your blog is lovely.

  3. Oh, these photos are absolutely lovely, I especially like the dock in the lake one. And, your outfit is rockin' :)

    BTW, where do you find photos for your Tattoo Tuesday posts? I really enjoy those posts.

    J.Lynn (new oohvelocitygirl follower!)

  4. thank you all ladies! I appreciate the feedback :)

    J.Lynn - I usually just get them from Google!

  5. Oh cool, thanks!

    Another question: When you comment on other blogs do you subscribe by e-mail to know if the author replied?

  6. umm, no I've never done that. is that how you know if they respond?

  7. thank you :) you are also an amazing photographer yourself