Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I Wore - Casual and Tucked

Today was rather eventful. 

A recap of my day would look something like this: 
taking a four mile walk/jog on the bike trail
learning how to make a veggie omelet
editing some more wedding photos 
eating all the Hershey Kiss peanut butter cookies my mom made 
going out for dinner and drinks with my mom, cousin and her boyfriend

Although I only wore this outfit for a short amount of time (during drinks and dinner), I still wanted to share it with you. Overall it was a great way to end my weekend and I feel ready to take on the week that's waiting for me.. 

top - Pac Sun
pants - Forever 21
bracelets - American Eagle
ring - Forever 21
necklace - Forever 21
shoes - Urban Outfitters

<3 oohv

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